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My favorite hobbies Reading Gaming (Assassin's creed, Dante's inferno, Guitar Hero and general hack 'n' slash, 3rd person games and a few 1st person aka COD.

Not a fan of all the COD games.)RPGs Writing(bits and pieces which I got rid of because my hand writing was/still is AWFUL)Listening to music(Rock, pop, punk, rap and bits of metal and any decent cross genres)Fanfiction Favorite HP pairings H/Hr= simply destined H/D= Bravery isn't about the house RL/NT=A wolf needs happiness G/Anyone BUT Harry Least favorite H/Anyone male G/H= Would you date someone who looks like your mother?

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A new Subject comes to Hogwarts along with the Tri Wizard Tournament. Will she walk through the fires of Hell and come out unscathed? But why have Fury been looking for him and who is Agent Romanoff really? Many years ago, Bobby Singer met a woman who helped him move on from Karen's death.All the while, an enigmatic order continues to move just out of sight as the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire clash in a climactic struggle on the Twi'lek homeworld. After receiving a call from her mother inviting her to her cousin's wedding, they decide to go. On the night of the Mizuki Incident, the fox gives Naruto a bloodline. Gaara and Harry would both move mountains for their precious people. Look out, Wizarding World, the Kazekage is coming, and the Desert follows in his footsteps! AU/Fix it up Team RWBY, JNPR, & the golden trio are teleported in a living room to read RWBY, JNPR, & HAIL.