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Sarsgaard is on top form as seductive cad David, the older man responsible for educating bright but confused schoolgirl Jenny (Mulligan) in matters of love and life in swinging sixties London.Scherfig here combines romantic drama and the coming-of-age tale to wholly enjoyable effect.At the age of 11, Pike enrolled at the Badminton School.She then went on to study at Oxford University's Wadham College.In another film in which an unappealing man is unfeasibly paired with a series of beautiful women, television director Lewis offers a rambling and unfocused exploration of the failed romantic history of a middle-aged cynical schlub, enlivened by solid turns from Giamatti and Pike.Entertaining crowd-pleaser made in the mould of British comic dramas such as director Nigel Cole's other feature 3Calendar Girls dramatising the true story of the industrial dispute between the female work force and the management of the Ford's motor plant that took place in suburban Essex in 1968.Turgid big screen adaptation of the iconic game series.In this solid and likeable new version of Austen's timeless novel, director Wright and screenwriter Deborah Moggach cut the source material down to size allowing time for the secondary tales to develop while never losing sight of the all pervading romance between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Liebesman tries to compensate for a lack of story and poorly defined characters with a bombardment of blurry CGI set-pieces; the result is a pointless cash-in that fails to respect the original mythology in any way.Doug (Tennant) and Abi (Pike) have separated, but when they go north for the birthday of Doug's father (Connolly), they instruct their kids (Jones, Smalldridge and Turnbull) to keep quiet about the separation.Charming and hilarious: Tennant and Pike are excellent, and despite the kids' scene-stealing improvisation it…But the high living king is more interested in the progressions of the Restoration, and the Earl of Rochester (Depp) is something of a pet project – he wants him to…

A group of space marines are sent to investigate strange events at a Martian research facility and find themselves at the mercy of genetically enhanced killing machines.Jack Reacher (Cruise) is an ex-military drifter who investigates the charges against James Barr (Sikora), a former sniper accused of shooting innocent office workers.