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AB 2501 states that discovery of, knowledge about, or potential disclosure of the victim's actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation does not, by itself, constitute sufficient provocation to justify a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.The gay panic defense is generally invoked in cases where the guilt of the defendant is unquestioned, but only to strengthen a more "traditional criminal law defense such as insanity, diminished capacity, provocation, or self-defense" and is not meant to provide justification of the crime on its own.Guidance given to counsel by the Crown Prosecution Service of England and Wales states: "The fact that the victim made a sexual advance on the defendant does not, of itself, automatically provide the defendant with a defence of self-defence for the actions that they then take." In the UK, it has been known for decades as the "Portsmouth defence" (The latter term was used in a 1980 episode of Rumpole of the Bailey.) The gay panic defense has been banned in California and Illinois only, but the American Bar Association has suggested that other states follow their lead.In 2006, California amended its penal code to include jury instructions to ignore bias, sympathy, prejudice, or public opinion in making their decision, and a directive was made to educate district attorneys' offices about panic strategies and how to prevent bias from affecting trial outcomes.At some point during the evening, Dubbels had expressed his physical attraction to Shelley, but it was not taken seriously in the joking context of the gathering; after they were alone, Dubbels suggested that Shelley spend the rest of the night to help him open the store in the morning.Shelley agreed, and after taking a shower, got into bed with Dubbels. Shelley, upset, went downstairs to retrieve a meat cleaver and roasting fork from the kitchen.Of those that have abolished provocation entirely, Tasmania was the first to do so in 2003.

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The report references the involuntary sterilization of a number of specific population groups.Some countries require transgender people to undergo sterilization before gaining legal recognition of their gender, a practice that Juan E.