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I'm just glad Lyon was smart enough to realize that and backed off)Ichiya/Erza(You've gotta be kidding me, she's more disgusted by him than anything)Ren/Lucy(She obviously doesn't like him and I thought is was absolutely wrong for him to be flirting with Lucy while he's already in a relationship)Laxus/Lisanna(They just seem too much like big brother and little sister to me)Mimi/Izzy(I just don't see the whole beauty and the geek thing working out too well with these two)Davis/Yolei(Those two are so dysfunctional as friends that I just don't see them being able to coexist as a couple)Davis/Kari(I mean it's obvious she has no romantic interest in him)Takato/Jeri(Not sure it would work out that well but I could be wrong)J. Naruto/RWBY/Devil May Cry, Naruto/Harem, AUWith Takashi's crew now taking refuge from the zombie apocalypse in Konoha, Rei gets close to Naruto in her recent romance with him and vice versa.

)Levy/Jet or Levy/Droy (Come on now, I know she cares for them both as her teammates, but there's nothing more to it than that)Cana/Macao(Those two are so different in age and personality that I just can't see them together)Gajeel/Lucy(I don't see how people can see these two as a couple, if anything she's more to him)Lyon/Juvia(She obviously loves Gray and not him. Naruto/Asuka Kazama Naruto/Nina Williams Naruto/Ling Xiaoyu Naruto/Lili Rochefort Naruto/Taki Naruto/Ivy Valentine Naruto/Sophitia Alexandra Naruto/Chai Xianghua Naruto/Kasumi Naruto/Ayane Naruto/Tina Armstrong Naruto/Lei Fang Naruto/Chun-Li Naruto/Cammy Naruto/Karin Kanzuki Naruto/Juri Han Naruto/Kitanna Naruto/Cassie Cage Naruto/Black Orchid Naruto/Sarah Bryant Naruto/Jill Valentine Naruto/Samus Aran Naruto/Mai Shiranui (Maybe)Naruto/Morrigan Aensland (Maybe)Naruto/Ruby Rose Naruto/Weiss Schnee Naruto/Blake Belladonna Naruto/Yang Xiao Long Naruto/Coco Adel Naruto/Velvet Scarlatina Naruto/Nora Valkyrie Naruto/Pyrrha Nikos Naruto/Neopolitan Naruto/Cinder Fall Naruto/Melanie/Militia Naruto/Ruby/Weiss Naruto/Blake/Yang Naruto/Coco/Velvet Naruto/Nora/Pyrrha Naruto/Cinder/Neo Naruto/Ruby/Weiss/Blake/Yang Dispatched by Souichiro and Yuriko to find Saya, Naruto finds himself helping the tsundere genius looking for her friends after an accidental separation and forced to endure her stubbornness along the way. For Icha Icha of the Dead 1st anniversary and Sketchfan's birthday. Once he joins with his own avatar, Leafa and friends guide him to become a worthy fighter for the Grand Duel. A maelstrom's about to engulf Beacon..all of Remnant. Naruto is invited to stay at Castle Vance and finds his vacation with Elina, Leina, and Claudette stimulated with more excitement than he ever expected.

Naruto/Tayuya/Karin Naruto/Koyuki/Shion Naruto/Shizuka/Amaru Naruto/Ino/Sakura Naruto/Hinata/Ayame Naruto/Tenten/Temari Naruto/Yugito/Fu Naruto/Samui/Konan Naruto/Kurenai/Anko Naruto/Shizune/Hana Naruto/Hokuto/Ryuzetsu Naruto/Tsunade/Mei Naruto/Samui/Ino/Yugito/Temari/Shion Naruto/Sakura/Ino/Karin/Tayuya/Amaru/Anko Naruto/Hinata/Yugito/Konan/Samui/Shizuka/Hana Naruto/Erza Naruto/Mirajane Naruto/Cana Naruto/Lucy Naruto/Juvia Naruto/Levy Naruto/Wendy Naruto/Lisanna Naruto/Mavis Naruto/Evergreen Naruto/Ultear Naruto/Minerva Naruto/Sherry Naruto/Yukino Naruto/Kagura Naruto/Kamika Naruto/Jenny Naruto/Millianna Naruto/Meredy Naruto/Cosmos(Coming Soon)Naruto/Flare Naruto/Hisui Naruto/Chelia Naruto/Sorano Naruto/Ur Naruto/Seilah Naruto/Brandish Naruto/Irene Naruto/Anna Naruto/Erza/Evergreen Naruto/Mirajane/Lisanna Naruto/Lucy/Levy Naruto/Juvia/Cana Naruto/Wendy/Chelia Naruto/Sherry/Jenny Naruto/Millianna/Kagura Naruto/Ultear/Meredy Naruto/Yukino/Sorano Naruto/Lucy/Mirajane/Jenny Naruto/Erza/Kagura/Minerva Naruto/Kamika/Cosmos/Hisui Naruto/Lucy/Erza/Juvia/Cana/Mirajane/Lisanna Manga (SERIES ON HOLD)Ash/Misty/Daisy/Lily/Violet Ash/May/Flannery Ash/Dawn/Zoey/Candice Ash/Iris/Serena Ash/Melody/Bianca Ash/Misty/May/Dawn/Iris/Serena/Lyra May/Drew Gary/Giselle Red/Yellow Red/Green Red/Misty Red/Erika Red/Sabrina Blue Oak/Green Gold/Crystal Ruby/Sapphire Read as Naruto is paired up with five hot women in seven special holiday-themed lemons (2013-2015)Thanksgiving: Naruto/Konan/Fuka/Hana/Samui/Shizuka Christmas: Naruto/Amaru/Koyuki/Shion/Ryuzetsu/Sara Valentines Day: Naruto/Sakura/Ino/Hinata/Temari/Anko Spring Break: Naruto/Kurotsuchi/Karin/Hokuto/Yugito/Fu4th of July/Summertime: Naruto/Tayuya/Sasame/Hotaru/Haruna/Toki Halloween: Naruto/Kurenai/Shizune/Yugao/Ayame/Tenten New Years: Naruto/Hinata/Temari/Karin/Anko/Amaru/Shion/Koyuki/Shizuka/Yugito/Fu Tayuya Hinata Koyuki Karin Shizuka Samui Konan Anko/Kurenai Kurotsuchi Ino Yugito/Fu Ameyuri Sakura Hokuto/Ryuzetsu Mei Temari Kin(Coming Soon)Yugao Hotaru Haruna/Toki Mabui Tenten Amaru Guren Hana Shion/Sara Matsuri Pakura Suzumebachi Ayame Fuka Yakumo/Isaribi Honoka Tokiwa Tsubaki Tsunami Akemi(Mystery Kunoichi)Sasame/Kagero/Kotohime Shizune Natsu/Erza Natsu/Mirajane Natsu/Cana Natsu/Lucy Natsu/Lisanna Natsu/Wendy(Coming Soon)Natsu/Ultear Natsu/Yukino Gray/Juvia Gajeel/Levy Jellal/Erza Laxus/Mirajane Elfman/Evergreen Romeo/Wendy Sting/Yukino Rogue/Minerva Ren/Sherry Hibiki/Jenny Lyon/Meredy Zeref/Mavis Natsu/?

P./Zoe(I'm laughing so hard that my ribs could crack at the idea of those two as a couple)Koichi/Zoe(I just can't see these two paired together, Koichi is too much of a nice guy and Zoe seems to be more attracted to bad boys)Tommy/Zoe(NOT A CHANCE IN HELL, 1. Tommy knows that Takuya loves Zoe)Dawn/Paul(That guy was a complete asshole, I'm glad he got his ass kicked in the Sinnoh League by Ash)Gary/Misty(Don't get me wrong I like Gary, but he's WAY too damn conceited for someone as caring as Misty)Brock/Misty(Oh c'mon they clearly have never shown any romantic interest in each other)Silver/Green(Same as with Kiba/Hinata)Pearl/Platinum (Those two get on each other's nerves so much that they just would never work out as a couple)Any Yaoi Pairings(Nothing against gay people, but as a Christian just not interested in these pairings)Tsukune/Moka(It's obvious that he loves both of her personalities, and the feeling seems to definitely be mutual)Rock/Revy(She obviously loves him, just wish she'd stop being so stubborn and admit it already)Takashi/Saeko(A cool dude like Takashi paired up with a total badass chick like Saeko, it's a perfect fit)Kohta/Saya(Psycho gunslinger fatso and a sexy tsundere genius, what else needs to be said)Kirito/Asuna(They're so cute together and they're just a perfect match)Kirito/Sinon(Badass swordsman and a cool-headed sniper)Soul/Maka(Even though they get on each other's nerves at times, you can tell they deeply care for one another)Black Star/Tsubaki(Despite his often arrogant, immature, and egotistical attitude, there's no doubt she deeply cares for him)Tatsumi/Mine(They may have bickered a lot in the beginning, but they ended up being a really nice couple)Tatsumi/Esdeath(It's a real downer she had to die evil, they really could have been something special)Lubbock/Najenda(I hated it when he died, he really deserved a happier ending with the woman he loved)Blake/Sun(Love between two Faunus huntsmen)Jaune/Pyrrha(You could see the chemistry between the two was natural, it was just so unfair what happened to Pyrrha)Ren/Nora(It's easy to see that she's got a thing for him, just wish Ren would stop closing off his feelings from her so much)Weiss/Neptune(She KNOWS she has a crush on him, she just needs to kiss him and get it over with already)Yuki/Yuno(He may be a little freaked out by her at times, but he obviously cares deeply for her)(My Debut Series)Naruto/Tayuya Naruto/Konan Naruto/Karin Naruto/Anko Naruto/Koyuki Naruto/Amaru Naruto/Shizuka Naruto/Shion Naruto/Ino Naruto/Hinata Naruto/Sakura Naruto/Ayame Naruto/Temari Naruto/Tenten Naruto/Yugito Naruto/Fu Naruto/Hokuto Naruto/Ryuzetsu Naruto/Hana Naruto/Samui Naruto/Kurenai Naruto/Shizune(Coming Soon)Naruto/Tsunade Naruto/Mei Naruto/Kurotsuchi Naruto/?????

In This Moment (Whore, Blood, Beautiful Tragedy, Adrenalize, Big Bad Wolf, Sick Like Me, Sex Metal Barbie)Innerpartysystem (Don't Stop)Iron Maiden (Aces High, Hallowed Be Thy Name)The Isley Brothers (That Lady [Part 1 & 2]; Between the Sheets, Contagious, Footsteps In the Dark, Pts. Lil Wayne (Go DJ, Fireman, Hustler Musik, Got Money, Lollipop, Mrs. Chester Bennington Living Colour (Cult of Personality)LL Cool J (Mama Said Knock You Out, Doin' It, Hey Lover, Headsprung)Lloyd (Southside, Get it Shawty, Player's Prayer, You)Ludacris (Southern Hospitality, What's Your Fantasy, Rollout [My Business]; Stand Up, Get Back, Money Maker, Runaway Love, Pimpin All Over The World, One More Drink, What Them Girls Like, How Low, My Chick Bad[Original and Remix w. [Pretty Young Thing]; Bad, Man In The Mirror, Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal, Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough, Rock With You, Jam, Black or White, You Rock My World, Butterflies, One More Chance, They Don't Care About Us) R. P To The King of Pop Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot (Work It, Get Ur Freak On, Lose Control)Motörhead (Ace of Spades, Killed by Death, Overkill, Orgasmatron, [We Are] The Road Crew, Deaf Forever, Iron Fist, Motorhead, Born To Raise Hell, Bomber, Hellraiser, Damage Case, The Game, Line in the Sand) R.

Officer, A Milli, Stuntin' Like My Daddy, 6 Foot 7 Foot)Limp Bizkit (My Generation, Rollin, My Way, Hot Dog, Take A Look Around, Nookie, Break Stuff, N 2 Gether Now, Gold Cobra, Get A Life, Shotgun, Douche Bag)LINKIN PARK (Lying From You, Faint, Numb, Breaking the Habit, Somewhere I Belong, In The End, Papercut, One Step Closer, Crawling, What I've Done, New Divide, Talking to Myself, One More Light) R. Diamond, Trina, & Eve])Luther Vandross (The Closer I Get to You, Take You Out, Never Too Much, Here and Now, Dance With My Father, I'd Rather)Lynard Skynard (Sweet Home Alabama, Still Unbroken)Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Can't Hold Us, Same Love, Thrift Shop)Mariah Carey (Shake It Off, I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time, Obsessed [Original and Remix])Marilyn Manson (The Beautiful People, This Is Halloween, Deep Six)Mario (Let Me Love You, How Could You, How Do I Breathe, Crying Out For Me, Break Up)Maroon 5 (Moves Like Jagger, Makes Me Wonder, Wake Up Call, Animals, Harder To Breathe, This Love, She Will be Loved, Misery)Mary J Blige (My Life, Family Affair, Enough Cryin, Be Without You, Take Me As I Am, We Ride [I See The Future]; The One, I Feel Good, I Am, We Got Hood Love, Everything)Metallica (Enter Sandman, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Master of Puppets, The Memory Remains, Seek & Destroy, One, Fade to Black, Ride the Lightning, Creeping Death, Nothing Else Matters, Welcome Home [Sanitarium, Battery)MGK (Invincible, Bad Motherfucker)Michael Jackson (Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Human Nature, P.

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Two) Because this is a profit site, the owners ARE required, BY LAW, to monitor for (dare I say the word... USAPersonal Theme Songs: My Friend and Grand Master Mentor AKA Senior Advisor and Chief Business Strategist: My Friend and BETA Reader AKA Senior Creative Consultant: My Friend and Official Secretary of Fan Fiction AKA Director of Operations: https:// My New Friend and Junior Apprentice: https:// My Friends and Story Collaborators AKA Head Creative Writers: https:// https:// https:// Close Friends and Frequent Loyal Reviewers Alike: Paladinmon Cheater Kainhttps:// Morinohttps:// Virus33 Guy159https:// Militia (Specialty: Naruto/Sakura lemons and Natsu/Lucy lemons)5. You can now follow me over at Devian Art, which I'll be using to post promotional artwork and spoilers for future works. In all fairness, lemons have continued to be made since the last CU controversial removal of lemons throughout the site three years ago in June so they've no one to blame but themselves for things as they are. Plus Kiba already knows that Hinata loves Naruto)Chouji/Ino(No way in hell!!!!! Naruto befriends Saeko as they slay their way through the Undead and recognizes her bloodthirsty skills as traits for zombie slaying expeditions alongside him. For Icha Icha of the Dead 1st Anniversary and Sketchfan's birthday. she befriends him and introduces him to the concept of ALO for a a Grand Duel Tournament. When Kaguya senses Celestine and her friends' continent is in grave danger from the combined forces of Volt's Kuroinu and Ginyol's demon armies, she alerts Naruto to liberate their land from a foul fate. Features characters from Elf Hime Nina, Buta Hime-Sama, and much more hentai. Heads will roll when they send their Avatar, the Hero of the World and the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, to rescue her and her allies."School that teaches kids how to fight and kill? Now years later, Naruto is not only a Devil Hunter, but a Huntsmen-in-training. Because when one trip through the alphabet doesn't give you everything you want, you just have to give it a second try.

I'm not into all that gender-bender stuff)Kiba/Hinata(Those two are too much like brother and sister and I just don't see them ever being anything more than that. When Naruto referees for Suguha at the Kendo Nations. For Dark Child316's birthday and special thanks to Miledman2. But what if one of the women he conquered was the reincarnated cousin of Kami, Yami, and Shinigami? Qrow goes to find his rival, only to retrieve his 5-year-old son Naruto, and take him to Patch. Similar to my previous challenge, this story will have 26 different lemons, featuring unique pairings/groupings and a word theme corresponding to every letter of the alphabet. When Naruto and Melpha offer to take the widowed Cattleya to a spa resort trip, she finds herself taking a romantic shine to him while his friendship with the priestess also grows while they prepare for an enjoyable vacation.

If one peruses the local bookstore for teen fiction you will find much worse, in some cases, than what is found here. (Boom, Youth of Our Nation, Lights Out)Papa Roach (... Saliva (Click Click Boom, Always, Superstar, Ladies and Gentlemen, Survival of the Sickest, Don't Question My Heart, Badass, In It To Win It, Raise Up)Salt-N-Peppa (Let's Talk About Sex, Push It [Remix]; Whatta Man, None of Your Business, Shoop)Seal (Fly Like An Eagle, Kiss From A Rose)Seether (Broken, Remedy, Fake It, Nobody Praying For Me, Same Damn Life, Words As Weapons, Let You Down)Sevendust (Enemy, Decay, Thank You)Shinedown (Devour, Second Chance, If You Only Knew, Adrenaline, Cut The Cord, State of My Head)Shaggy (It Wasn't Me, Angel)Shakira (Hips Don't Lie, She Wolf, Beautiful Liar, Waka Waka)Sick Puppies (You're Goin Down)Skillet (Savior, Live Free and Let Me Die, Comatose, Rebirthing, Hero, Monster, Awake and Alive, Never Surrender, Rise, Sick Of It, Not Gonna Die, Circus For A Psycho, Battle Cry, Feel Invincible, Back From The Dead, Stars, The Resistance)Skindred (Sounds like Bob Marley mixed with Limp Bizkit, A pretty awesome combination)Slipknot ([Sic]; Eyeless, Wait and Bleed, Surfacing, Spit It Out, People = Shit, Disasterpiece, The Heretic Anthem, Left Behind, The Blister Exists, Duality, Before I Forget, Psychosocial, Dead Memories, The Devil & I, Killpop, The Negative One)Snoop Dogg (I Wanna Fuck You, Gin and Juice, Who Am I [What's My Name]; Sexual Eruption, Drop It Like It's Hot, Bitch Please, Ain't No Fun [If the Homies Can't Have None]; Beautiful)Soundgarden (Rusty Cage, Black Hole Sun)Starset (My Demons, Carnivore, Halo, Satelite, Ricochet, Monster, Starlight, Die For You)A relatively new band with a cinematic sound, but my God do these guys know how to rock Static-X (Crash, Destroyer, Cold, The Only, I'm the One, Push It)Switchfoot (Dark Horses, Meant To Live)SWV (I'm So Into You, Weak, Right Here [Human Nature Radio Mix]; Rain)T. (Live Your Life, Big S*t Poppin [Do It]; Dead And Gone, What You Know, Bring Em Out, Whatever You Like, Why You Wanna, Motivation, U Don't Know Me, You Know What It Is, Rubber Band Man, My Life Your Entertainment)Tamia (Stranger in My House, Officially Missing You, Can't Get Enough)Teddy Pendergrass (You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration; Close The Door, Come Go With Me, Turn Off the Lights, Love T. O.)Theory Of a Deadman (All or Nothing, Panic Room, Angel, Lowlife)Thousand Foot Krutch (Courtesy Call, War of Change, Light Up The Sky, Phenomenon, Welcome To The Masquerade, Rawkfist, Step To Me, We Are, Let The Sparks Fly, Be Somebody, Fire It Up, Untraveled Road, Move, Born This Way, Push, Lifeline, Born Again, Running with Giants)Three Days Grace (Pain, Animal I Have Become, Never Too Late, Riot, Home, I Hate Everything About You, Just Like You, Break, World So Cold, The Good Life, Chalk Outline, The High Road, Painkiller, I Am Machine, Fallen Angel, Human Race) My Personal Favorite Band. , Badd, Halftime [Stand Up and Get Crunk])Young Jeezy (His entire album, I Luv It, Go Getta, Put On, My President)2Pac/Makaveli (Cant' C Me, California Love, Changes, How Do U Want It, Dear Mama, Hit Em Up, Keep Ya Head Up, To Live & Die In L.

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