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"takoyaki" to "octopus balls") - votes: 338 (5.6%)Only the uncommon ones (e.g.

leave "takoyaki" alone but translate "kiritanpo") - votes: 3212 (53%)There were 6055 total votes.

(Man, the old days with the Tazmo sites...)On a personal level, I really understand Grumpy's reasoning on why he wants to quit. In case you didn't know, releases are only listed on Manga Updates if they were done by a group that's in our database.

I've been helping run Manga Updates for the last 11-ish years, and I've wanted to quit several times. (The term "group" is a misnomer because it could just be a single person.) A group would only be approved if it had one of the following: website, IRC channel, forum URL, Twitter, or Facebook page.

Thank you, Staff Bitcoin has been making headlines recently, so might as well do a poll about it.

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The poll ended: January 13th 2018Hopefully someone else will pick up the series that they are closing their doors around January 18.

I'm not sure who would be that motivated, but people are weird.

The responsiveness to meeting the needs and interests of students, employer engagement, equality and diversity, partnership working, governance and financial management were among the areas graded outstanding.… continue reading »

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Not everyone has the time or patience for it, but a few readers persisted and sent me the screenshots.… continue reading »

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Now, to be fair, the acting abilities of the two main characters was average..above average at times...though not stellar. I've seen a lot, and some of this freestyle was off the charts incredible.… continue reading »

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My name is Fast Freddy and I have selected the best free to play car games, racing games and other online games for you.… continue reading »

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5 The exclusive right for the Application belongs to the Copyright Owner.… continue reading »

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As happy as a clam As happy as a sandboy As happy as Larry As high as a kite As keen as mustard As mad as a hatter As mad as a March hare As nice as ninepence As old as Methuselah As old as the hills As pleased as Punch As pure as the driven snow As safe as houses As queer as a nine bob note As snug as a bug in a rug As straight as a die As the crow flies As thick as thieves Thick as two short planks As white as snow Ashes to ashes dust to dust Ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer (Ask not) for whom the bell tolls (H)asta la vista, baby At loggerheads At one fell swoop At one's beck and call At sixes and sevens Augur well Auld lang syne Away with the fairies Baby blues Baby boomer Baby father Back of beyond - The Back-seat driver Back the field Back to basics Back to square one Back to the drawing board Backroom boy Bacon - Bring home the Bad books Bad egg Bad hair day Badger to death Bag and baggage Baker's dozen Balance of power - The Balance of trade - The Bald as a coot Bale out/bail out Ball and chain Bandy words Bane of your life Bang on about Baptism of fire Barge-pole - Wouldn't touch with a Barking mad Barking up the wrong tree Barrel of laughs Basket case Bated breath Bats in the belfry Batten down the hatches Battle royal Be afraid, be very afraid Be enthralled Be still, my beating heart Beam ends - On your Bean counter Beast with two backs Beat a hasty retreat Beat around the bush Beat swords into ploughshares Beat the living daylights out of someone Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Beauty is only skin deep Beck and call Bed of roses Bee in your bonnet Beef and reef Beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard Been there, done that Beer and skittles Bee-line - make a bee-line for Bee's knees - The Beetle-browed Before you can say Jack Robinson Beg the question Beggar belief Beggars can't be choosers Behind every great man there's a great woman Behind the eight ball Bell, book and candle Bell the cat Belle of the ball Below the belt Below the salt Bells and whistles Belt and braces Belt up Best bib and tucker Best laid schemes of mice and men - The Bet your bottom dollar Better half Better late than never Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all Between a rock and a hard place Between the Devil and the deep blue sea Between two stools Between you, me and the bed-post Beware of Greeks bearing gifts Beware the Ides of March Beyond belief Beyond our ken Beyond the pale Biblical phrases Big Apple - The Big cheese - The Big Easy - The Big fish in a small pond - A Big wig (A) bigger bang for your buck Bill Stickers is innocent Billy-o - Like Billy no mates Binge drinking Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush - A Birds and the bees - The Birds of a feather flock together Bite the bullet Bite the dust Bitter end - The Black as Newgate's knocker Black-on-black Black sheep of the family Blast from the past - A Blaze a trail Blind leading the blind - The Blind-man's buff Bling-bling Blonde bombshell Blood and thunder Blood is thicker than water Blood toil tears and sweat Blood, sweat and tears Bloody-minded Blot on the landscape Blow a raspberry - raspberry tart Blow your mind Blow your own trumpet Blown to smithereens Blue blood Blue moon (Once in a) Blue-plate special Bob's your uncle Bode well Bodice ripper Body - phrases related to the human body Body surfing Bog standard Bolt from the blue Bone dry Bone idle Bone up on Booby prize Booby trap Boogie-woogie To big for your boots Booze cruise Born again Born with a silver spoon in one's mouth Born within the sound of Bow Bells Boss eyed Bottle out Bottom drawer Bottom-up Bought the farm Bowled a maiden over Box and Cox Box-seat - in the Boxing Day Brand spanking new Brass monkey weather Brass tacks - get down to Bread always falls buttered side down Bread of life - The Break a leg Break the ice Bricks and clicks Bring home the bacon Broad in the beam Broke - if it ain't, don't fix it Brook no truck with Bronx cheer Brown as a berry Browned off Brownie points Brummagem screwdriver Brush - As daft as a Bubble and squeak Buck stops here - The Bucket list Buckle down Bugger Bognor!… continue reading »

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