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30-Apr-2016 12:37

- Don’t say anything - *-Nod- *-Nod- 09/30/2015 2 years ago No, you're not missing anything. / Click on: green button / Select answer: You didn’t call me either. / -Call the waitress- / That I’ve never seen an ass like yours.

Phone call from waitress: Click green button You didn’t call me either. -Call the waitress- Call with waitress: *Me too, that's why I'm calling. Rebelmac 11/05/2014 3 years ago Select answer: She’s part of the fraud but I’ll handle it. Why are you hiding if you haven't done anything?

- Don't say anything - - Nod - Click on her neck (click on her buckle).

The maximum percentage possible is displayed at the end of the game.

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