Facebook dating site app icons

18-Sep-2016 09:57

Here you can share paragraphs of text and multiple images (no HTML coding knowledge required).

Just head on over to facebook.com/notes, where you'll find notes from people you follow.

Facebook is a magnet for top engineering talent, so it stands to reason that the company would boast one of the world's most complex and multi-faceted websites.But there are a whole bunch you may not be using.(y) = thumbs-up 'like' symbol(^^^) = a great white shark:|] = a robot:poop: = well, you know If you open a Facebook Messenger window, there's a little paper clip icon along the bottom.This allows you to upload and send a file directly from your computer.Remember 10 years ago, when pirates were all the rage for a minute? Sometimes you want to share something that is worth more than a few sentences or a single image.

Well, at one point the Facebook engineers got swept up in this ironic buccaneer frenzy and programmed a peculiar Easter egg that allows you to translate your Facebook interface into Pirate or Upsidedown speak. Go to Settings Language, and you can change your settings to either "English (Pirate)" or "English (Upside Down)." Think that's a whimsical little feature that you will never ever get sick of?! If you don't have your own blog you can take advantage of a Facebook "Note." This is a personal blog post that lives inside the Facebook ecosystem.

The receiver can just click on the included link and download them from there.