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27-Sep-2016 20:32

Passing around the phone and letting friends pick for you is fairly common among dating app users, but that’s often because swipe-based apps like Tinder sometimes feel like a game. Hinge, instead, is trying to elevate that behavior into something more serious: real matchmaking.The new app, Hinge Matchmaker, is the company’s initial stab at how this experience could work.Hinge has taken this into consideration, and built an opt-out mechanism into its app that will prevent your profile from being shown to those playing matchmaker, if you choose.The new app makes sense as the next step for Hinge, which is billing itself as the alternative to apps like Tinder and Bumble, which far more often are filled with people looking for hookups and more casual dating.The matchmaker can then recommend that the two people connect, and can even send an icebreaker message to get the conversation started.There’s also the option to take control of one specific friend’s dating life by locking their profile, which will then allow the matchmaker to rotate through the available matches for that person alone. It’s Just Lunch is the #1 Personalized Matchmaking service in the world!

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On Hinge Matchmaker, the user would know both parties involved, as it relies on your Facebook connections, and the matchmaker could be either single or involved themselves.For obvious reasons, then, it might not be an appropriate for someone who’s married or otherwise involved to download Hinge to their phone.The new app works by suggesting potential matches, based on the matchmaker’s pool of Facebook friends who are using Hinge.In the “Lifestyle” category on the i OS App Store, Tinder is #2, Bumble is #4 but Hinge is #64, to give you an idea of its traction.

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Hinge Match Maker is launching today in beta on i OS.

But the Hinge did say that its user base has doubled since March, and phone numbers are exchanged 4x more than they were in March.

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