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Walking past the Straza Hill which has skiing in winter and tobagganing in summer, you go round a corner into Mlino, a small hamlet that also houses the famous Hotel Vila Bled.This was a famous summer residence for the late President Tito and these days guests can sit down to a regal dinner at the hotel restaurant.Heading west from Bled Town you pass the famous Hotels Toplice, Trst and Jadran.

Although the law will give couples largely the same rights as heterosexual ones, it still bans them from jointly adopting children.

There are more and more activities on the yearly calendar but what can beat an early morning stroll around the lake itself?

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Tschudi explains that "overall, the big challenges for the person with ADD are: 1) staying present in the relationship; 2) not getting distracted; 3) not having restlessness take over, and 4) curbing the impulsive behaviors that could lead the other person to think, 'This person isn't that into me.'" Here's how these core symptoms translate into behaviors that might negatively impact your dating life: of the relationship." Hunt says that he's identified two main issues people with ADHD face: "1) never quite being satisfied/always looking over the horizon [for someone better to date] and 2) becoming overly dependent on a more structured partner" in relationships.… continue reading »

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