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05-Apr-2016 02:17

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Ayesha, who has been missing in action ever since she got married and became a mother, looked drastically different from her former self at an event on Thursday.Whether it’s just plain old growing up or a lip job and botox (we don’t know what else could cause swollen lips and frozen face), there is something about the mother of three-year-old son Mikail that has her looking very different.

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In 2011, she starred in Mod, which met with a good response.

Below are some before and after photos that show the evolution of Ayesha Takia.

Hey guyzz you are looking for Ayesha takia hot photos . but first lets know about her she ia a daughter of Faridah Takia and Nishith Takia.

However, she has been highly praised for her work in the 2006 Dor, a smaller budget film in which she plays the role of a young widowed Rajasthani woman living in a traditional joint family.

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She went on to win several awards for her performance in the film, including the Zee Cine Critics Award for Best Actress.wearing a red shoe a white dress and in open silky hair.